High productivity starts with strong foundations

Productivity is not just about being busy. High output is not the same thing as productive output. The best kind of productivity comes with careful planning for the big picture, along with systems that improve the flow of day to day tasks.

When you work with Tactical Business Solutions we will focus on two main areas when it comes to analysing and increasing productivity.

1. Staff and management training

Is every staff and management member being used to the best of their ability? Do they understand exactly what is required of them for their job? Do they have access to adequate training and support?

We come into your workplace to get a real understanding of your business and the challenges your staff and management face every day.

Then we work together to create training that targets areas of challenge and capitalises on inherent strengths in your team. As productivity increases, you reduce time wastage, minimising costs and increasing opportunities for growth and profit.

2. Business process and workflow documentation

This is not always the fun part of business. So it makes sense that you may need assistance with business processes and workflow documentation. The good news is, once you have these processes and systems established, you will not need to overhaul them again in a major way, or (as is so often the case in small businesses) keep reinventing the wheel to try and stay ahead.

Reap the benefits of processes and workflow documentation that ensures your production runs smoothly and efficiently, cutting out all extraneous labour and costs.

Tactical Business Solutions consultants come from an accounting background so you can be assured that when we assist you with processes and systems they will be comprehensive, workable, trackable and useful.

How do you increase productivity without increasing stress?

Increasing productivity is a natural goal of business owners. But isn’t it often the way that even saying the words makes you feel stressed?

I’ve got to do more but I feel like I have less time

I have to stay ahead of my competitors
The only way to be productive is to work after hours and weekends

Ironically, one of the fastest ways to increase productivity is to reduce stress. The more content you and your staff are, the more productive you will be.

Ten Tips to Improve Team Productivity

These ten tips are a good checklist. You will notice that many of them are to do with communication and relationships. Productivity is often about doing things differently rather than doing more things. And the best way to do things differently is to look, listen, ask and respond.

1. Improve your existing systems

There may be ways that your existing systems are letting you down. Take the time to review each and every one, to streamline processes and contain costs.

2. Ask specific questions

Don’t ask your staff if they are happy and assume you will get an accurate answer. Make time to ask specific questions that they can answer honestly, without feeling pressured, and that will give you a picture of their workload and satisfaction levels. Frame specific questions such as: how many emails did you have in your in-box this morning?

3. Create systems in response to what your staff need

Listen to your staff. They want to be happy, they want to work well. If they tell you the roster isn’t working, it probably isn’t. You don’t need to be reactive, but you do need to be responsive. They will feel valued and respond accordingly when you address their needs.

4. Create incentives for good performance

This doesn’t just have to take the form of pay structure. It includes morale boosting, shouting everyone lunch once in a while, purchasing that coffee machine for the kitchen. We all like to be thanked and to be treated. This includes you – especially if you work alone.

5. Be transparent and honest

Productivity decreases when staff are anxious or suspicious. If there are changes afoot, let them know as much as you can. Don’t avoid staff. Engage with them, talk to them, answer their questions.

6. Know your own strengths and weaknesses

You are not a super hero. The best managers know their own vulnerable areas. Lead by example so you can create systems that work to everyone’s strengths and helps people develop in areas of weakness.

7. Trust your staff

They know the business in a way that you don’t. While it is your ‘baby’ being over-protective will not help it grow. Staff perform best when they feel trusted and valued.

8. Have a clear vision for your business

Remind yourself of this regularly. Now and then, step out of the daily grind and write down your business goal for the year, the next five, the next ten. Just a few lines. Then ask yourself how current systems are getting you to that goal. You may need a little reorientation.

9. Don’t confuse busy with productive

Slogging away at small tasks without a break does not a productive business make.

10. Ask for help

In all of the above, and for any aspect of your business, you will need help from time to time. Colleagues, family and friends can help. But sometimes an outside eye is the best and fastest way to assess systems and improve productivity.

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