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How would you describe the perfect business coaching relationship?

Business coaching is an industry filled with platitudes, motivational phrases and sporting analogies. But do you know what we’ve found at Tactical Business Solutions?

The perfect business coaching relationship is the one that gets you the business results you want. Full stop.

For business coaching to be of value it must be practical. Yes, there will be discussion and visioning and careful planning. But ultimately, the worth of business coaching comes down to implementation and results.

We work closely with business owners to make sure we focus coaching on the areas we have both identified as requiring improvement. Once we have established your exact business and coaching goals, we work together, analyzing each area and implementing practical strategies and steps.

If any one of these aspects of your business is weak you may find that the whole business is suffering. Through each step of business coaching, we will ensure that each of these essential six sides are addressed.

1. Personal strengths and weaknesses

You are the personality of your business. You need to know what you do best and what you struggle with the most. Poor self-analysis can lead to poor business decisions, cash flow blind spots and invisible glass ceilings to the kinds of profit you could be making.

2. The core business of your business

What does your business provide? How does it help clients or customers? What do you offer that is unique, that sets you out from the crowd? What is each aspect of your core business worth? How much does it cost you to produce or provide? If the difference between these two figures is too low, you will struggle to ever make serious profit.

3. Systems to cut costs and increase profits

Are your systems written down? Have you tested them? Could a stranger walk into your business and turn a profit from it or are you keeping essential information to yourself? We show you how to integrate systems that: reduce costs, track costs and allow for unforeseen costs in a way that keeps your cash flow buoyant and your business running independently.

4. Integrating business and family life

Do you ever feel caught between business and family commitments? This is an increasing challenge as traditional work and family roles shift and families take a more shared and integrated approach. Our business coaching in this area offers you practical solutions – we understand the real challenges and have a range of real actions and strategies you can put in place.

5. Learning from your closest competitors

Who is your closest competitor? What business in your field do you set as a bench mark? Where are the gaps in what is being offered to your customers by other businesses and how can you fill those gaps? Business coaching helps you see the forest and the trees – that is, the big picture of what is going on around you, and the specific things you can do to stay competitive.

6. Building a business for today’s world

Business does not happen in a vacuum, but when you are busy with day to day operations it is hard to take the time to view things globally. Business coaching will help you gain that perspective. More importantly we work with you to see how industry, technology and global trends can help you save costs and capitalize on opportunities.

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