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Kirk’s approach is to keep it simple and logical by building systems that provide the business owner with quality information about how their business is going at any point and importantly too, will support future growth.

A unique aspect of Tactical Business Solutions is the work that it has performed with family-based and family-oriented businesses. Kirk has incorporated a process that can include the goals and aspirations of the family within the overarching business plan. Kirk’s first experience in running a business was at a young age within his family business so he understands well the unique challenges that a family business faces.

Kirk is an active proponent of business growth within his local community, has been a keynote speaker at several events.

Tactical Business Solutions was formed in 2006 with the aim of helping SME’s grow stronger businesses by firstly getting costs under control, then focusing on generating profits.

We know that if you really believe you can make a difference you would offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

At Tactical Business Solutions, we take pride in achieving results for the businesses we work with, especially those business owners who struggle to make time for the things that really matter – their families.

Because we believe we can make a real difference in these instances, we offer a full, 100% money-back or no pay guarantee.

We’re prepared to make a difference in your business, the question now is, are you?


Some of his past activities include:

  • Invited by Whittlesea City Council to become a business partner on a project called B4B Connect – a business and council initiative designed to foster growth education and networking for SMEs in the Northern suburbs. Kirk is the regular host of the “B4B Connect” events and Tactical Business Solutions is a sponsor.
  • Keynote speaker at the Melbourne Business & IT Expo. Keynote speaker for BAW BAW City Council’s Home Biz group in Warragul, Victoria.   Speaker at “Speakers Beyond Limits”.
  • Interviewed by the Australian Newspaper, Whittlesea Leader, published in the Whittlesea Leader and radio host for “Let’s Talk Business”.

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