Improving Saleability

How much do you know about improving saleability?

The saleability of your business is about much more than knowing your gross or net profits from year to year. It encompasses the overall value of your business including factors such as:

There are numerous ways that you can evaluate the worth and saleability of your business. The more you understand this process internally, the better position you will be in when seeking external valuation and/or putting your business on the market for sale.

How much do you know about improving saleability?

We help you look at your business from a potential buyer’s point of view. This means that you need to be able to articulate and show clear, documented evidence of your business’s financial performance.

The most important thing a buyer will want to be assured of is that your business can run without you. Nobody wants to buy a business that will fall apart in the absence of one (or more) personalities of personnel. They will also want to see that your customers are loyal to the business and not (only) to you.

We can assist you in preparing your business for buyer scrutiny, particularly in the following areas:

  • Clear and documented financial position
  • Workflow documents
  • Operational systems and procedures

Improving saleability – how to increase the value of your business

For your part, there are significant steps you can take when it comes to improving saleability. It is important that you have a clear and well planned exit strategy. Understand why you are selling the business so you can plan your exit strategy accordingly. For example, moving into a retirement will require a different level of exit planning than if you are shifting industries, business type or going back into employment.

Tactical Business Solutions works with you to ensure that your exit strategy is well planned and that your business is at premium value at the point of sale.

Check the health and value of your business with a FREE Diagnostic and then we can work together to increase the saleability of your business wherever it is required.

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